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“Riding Horseback in Purple: Reawakening the dream of owning a horse” was one of those books that just had to be written. Friends pushed me into starting a draft, because they said I had learned so much about horses and horse ownership.

At first, that made no sense to me. I had been inspired by so many authors who knew so much more than I. Then I gradually learned that many women approaching retirement were rekindling their love of animals, including horses. And there were people like me out there who had a lot more interest than expertise. I have always loved writing and much of my career has related to how adults learn and how they develop leadership skills. So perhaps there was an important niche I could begin to fill.

Well into the book, I had to research my assumptions about mature women buying and rescuing horses. My experience told me these women were thoughtfully applying decades of life skills to the process. But people I interviewed were often telling me these women were captivated by the dream and choosing horses that did not work out in reality. I knew then that I had to finish the book. A great relationship between a human and any kind of animal can be life-changing for both.

Riding Horseback in Purple has had wonderful reviews, but not many people know about it yet. So spread the word to people who might enjoy it or benefit. Interestingly, many readers who have contacted me have no intention of getting a horse, but love it because of the stories, the insights into learning and leadership, insights into cross-species communication, or because they say it’s a “good read.”

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